Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Keep an eye on the happy-go-lucky one

Sometimes it's the happiest among us that need help. The jolly stumblers, salving their pain with buffoonery. Keep an eye on them, please. When they fall it's flesh scraped on broken glass.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

The unintended untended

My garden looks wild, untended and beautiful. There's a hullabaloo of insects and birds. Colour and motion caresses my eyes, pollens massage my membranes.
All quite unintended.
How many other things would benefit from being left alone to mature on their own, I wonder. I've been a poker, a prodder, a mixer and a fixer in my time. Letting go can be harder.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Be happy: do less

So someone doesn't like your book ...

I just lashed out at a person who said Nurse Becky Gets Shot has too much philosophy in the first chapter. I re-read the first chapter and guess what? No philosophy at all.

So are we reading the same book?

I Googled the critic. Read some of his stuff. Turns out, this young man hasn't got a clue. His muses on the book business are archaic and quite laughable. Sounds almost as if his target audience is a much older colleague. Perhaps even his boss. Who knows.

I can only conclude he hasn't read the first chapter at all, perhaps only the blurb which mentions 'philosophical thriller', a quote from a different reviewer who, incidentally, thought it, 'one of the best thrillers he'd read in a long time.'

So what did I lash out at?

It doesn't matter.

What matters is this; this is the territory, the landscape, the environment you find yourself in. Sending a book out into the world is a brave thing to do. Make no mistake, that's a big chunk of you out there, naked with only itself to hide behind.

Budding authors have to get used to it, get over it.

Bad reviews can be genuine: the reviewer really sees flaws.

Bad reviews can equally be made by lazy, selfish, arrogant shmucks with their own agendas.

Here is what I hold on to; Nurse Becky has made people donate hard cash, moved them to write fan mail, have them recommend it to friends. The Ardly Effect got nine excellent reviews from professionals with zero vested interest plus loads of fan mail, many urging me to wite more in the series.

So, they've had one bad review each. (Even as I type that it burns, makes my stomach churn.)

I'm sorry I lashed out. Sorry I showed so little self control. Sorry for the schmuck who's laziness will probably work for him.

I'm not sorry I wrote my books though. Neither should you be. It's a brave thing you've done. Be proud.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Wimbledon 2010

Watching Wimbledon today, I was struck by how fussy it all is. There's a forest of protocols and uniforms and decorums ... but also, how it is so worth it. I almost stood and saluted when Elizabeth turned up! Anyway, it inspired more business card art / doodling. So here it is.


Big screen football, music, smelly crowds, cool sun.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


There's been a deluge (okay 3) of emails wanting more Spacewarp cartoons! I know! Haven't these guys got a whole web to procrastinate on / with?
Some of the series is here and I have loads more to finish / scan / convert which I shall do as soon as England win the World Cup.

Business Card Art / Scribbling

I've always been a bit of a doodler and came across a site where the guy had put on line business cards on which he'd scribbled. I've been doing it for yonks so put put ones I could find on line here.


I've put my books on Smashwords - pretty straightforward for all you budding e-authors. These ebooks now come in a variety of flavours including Kibble, iPad and ePub.
You can find them here.