Thursday, 26 August 2010

Facepalm Friday (-1)

Submitted a couple of short stories today - wish me luck. All this tension and relief in one stomach can't be good.

Anyway, to take my mind off them (my babies!), here's one of my favourite toons. The ship's elevator has a 'thing' for the Captain and this is how it started. Always makes me laugh (speaks volumes, huh?). But a twelve year old critic of mine gave me a look when she read this that clearly shows she thinks I'm on the verge of a serious mental collapse.

Space Warp #6

Click it for a larger image:

ps: I just re-read one of my submissions and I spelt (spelled) 'lightning' as 'lightening'. Aargh!!

(kw: Space Warp strip cartoon)

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  1. Hi Gary. I have a couple of stories out there too, and the distraction is welcome. Hope your little spelling oversight isn't a dealbreaker; it happens to the best of us.