Thursday, 23 September 2010

A measure of success

If my success is defined by other's failure, I don't want it. Then again, if everyone is successful, no one is.

The message in The Incredibles - the 2004 computer-animated superhero film featuring the voice of Holly Hunter (rrrr) - was simply, if everyone is special, no one is.

How true.

Back to success: this is one of those mornings I suspect most writers experience. I'm crap, hopeless, can't do this, everyone hates what I do, the effort is lost, pass me the revolver ...

Then I open an email, from Paypal, saying someone in India has donated £6 after reading one of my free ebooks. The person added a note saying how much they enjoyed it and thanked me for putting it on line.
Someone from India sent me £6!

This catch in my throat is what success tastes like. This rheumy view of my screen is what success looks like.

Shake the bullets from the revolver's barrel. Save them for another day. I have work to do.

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