Friday, 17 September 2010

Three Word Wednesday (I'm late - I have a note)

For some reason, Wednesday's words of demure, offend and volatile, made me think of anagrams and their relationship to the word of which they're an anagram.

I've used them in some of my fiction, often in character names. For example, in one story: Meadhill is a bad guy christened Heimdall (Norse God) by his victim Jennifer Penrose because of his gold tooth. In a twist in the same story, Jennifer Penrose turns out to be one of the personalities inhabiting the fractured mind of Roger Peerson. Whether or not the reader notices the anagram doesn't really matter - it's more a tool for me to maintain links and relationships.

Anyway, this is what I wrote down seconds after reading the three words:

You may think me rude but I'm shy and demure.
End off a relationship by doing something to offend.
Most volatile folk live a lot.
 In itself, not incredibly fascinating, but it made me think about something I do almost unconsciously.

Do you use anagrams in your writing? If so, I'd love to know the context.


  1. first time around this way, anagrams nah, not never but i am possessed abt alliterations... so i do understand it is something you do subconsciously... there's something to be sed abt volatile as much as is sed about serenity...

  2. hey this is interesting. never done that!