Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Three Word Wednesday

Today's three words from Three Word Wednesday are gait, nudge and ripen.

Inspiring this:
A friend's sympathy.
A nudge from Fat-Bob made me see
A horse pinching plums from his tree.
Bob's chasing gait
Made my stomach pulsate
And laughter ripen in me.


  1. Me too, me too!


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  2. Okay, that was clever and funny. :)

    Sheesh, I always tell myself not read what everyone else has got before I do mine. I will *not* use plums, I will not *use* plums (even though now the picture of a horse stealing plums straight from the tree is stuck in my head).

  3. What a lively limerick! Great use of this week's words :)

  4. Fun way to put the words together. I like it!

    Happy 3WW! I played too!

  5. that was a good laugh you gave me !

  6. When I saw the word gait, I thought of horses too. I think there will be a lot of over fed people in this 3ww. Another fine limerick. Nice job!

  7. Such fun. I appreciate the wit in this.

  8. hehe, this is so cute and gave me the giggles. :)

  9. I've always had a penchant for plum pinchers!

  10. I so agree. The horse eating plums, which I am sure a horse would happily do, at least a few...I am grateful I already wrote before reading that.