Thursday, 30 September 2010

Thursday's Three Word Wednesday

In response to Three Word Wednesday's words: imminent, tamper and  engulf.

Word association.

Say, 'imminent'. I say, 'danger'.

Say, 'tamper'. I say, 'proof'.

Say 'engulf'. I sit in silence as I remember Miss Champion. The spinster who ran the children's home which housed me as a small boy. I can still feel her arms wrapped around me, pressing my face to her bosom, feel her kisses on top of my head. This, in stark contrast to the foster home, where I'd been tied to a wooden board for days at a time and humiliated, then made to eat cold porridge on the damp concrete floor of an icy basement.

Thank you Rene Champion. Champion The Wonder Horse to me. Thank you.


  1. Is this a story or for real?

  2. absolutely wonderful.. we all need champions of love... priceless... a keeper...