Saturday, 23 October 2010

Blog Crusade

Rach at Blog Crusade has a fiendish plan to get all us writers who blog connected. The idea is we connect, exchange ideas, build our platform and generally help each other out. Take a look.

For me, it'll be an ideal opportunity to try and create the 'platform' we're all supposed to have. I have a tendency to use this blog as a break from writing by posting my cretinous cartoons, idiotic insights and daft doodles.

I resolve to be much more serious with my blogging in future and talk about things literate.

But first I have to come up with 5k words around super-high-rise habitats and the effects on residents, visitors and local ecologies ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... coffee it is then.


  1. Hi there. I'm a newish Crusader and I'm following up to make sure I'd got all the new followers on my sidebar. I don't talk a lot about writing on my blog either - if I talk about writing it usually means I'm not! Nice to 'meet' you.

  2. Please don't change your blogging to be more serious! We all need more idiotic insights and daft doodles. Yours gave me a smile. (Should mention I've been force-fed every space drama from Star Trek to Battlestar Gallactica for years by keen husband)

  3. Hey Gary, thanks for your post. Great you've come on board the Crusade :)


    PS - Don't listen to Adina, Battlestar Galactica rocks! :)

  4. Welcome to the Crusade. I am newish to it too!


    Hello, our potluck is open Now,
    Link in a poem to share, or write a poem fitting our theme of love and romance, thanks for the attention,
    If you follow our blog, we will place your link in our blog roll.
    Happy Monday!
    Happy Poetry Writing and sharing.

  6. Hey, fellow crusader! Welcome, welcome :-)
    Good to "meet you".