Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Butt - Will Self

I didn't finish The Butt by Will Self . This is rare for me.

Set in an imaginary country: after carelessly disposing of his last cigarette butt, Tom Bridzinski's world is turned upside down.

It is cleverly written. Some great prose. Will Self's equine face emerged from the pages to read it to me. His voice was strong, but sneering, then relentless. Far worse is that I didn't care. I didn't give a fig about this made up world with its made up island,  vomiting clichés about all that's bad aprés colonialism.

Some words that popped into my head as I read: xenophobic, self indulgent, yawn-fest. A peculiarly English, middle class view of the world.

Read it. Tell me what I missed.

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