Friday, 26 November 2010

Reviewlette - Tripoint by C J Cherryh

Tripoint by C J Cherryh.

Another book from my 'Dear Lord, I really must read that one of these years' shelf.

It's a space opera. And by that I mean it has people in spaceships whizzing about through hyper-space in a far flung future. Spaceships aside, it's more about how parents can really screw up their kids by using them as a free sherpa for all their personal baggage.

It's a good read, excellent characters and very entertaining. I really enjoy her style and liked ninety-five percent of the plot. Though I think it's probably wise to read Downbelow Station first as I had a feeling there were things I should have known already.

I found the end disappointing as one main character - a prime motivator from whom grown men flee in terror - suddenly seems to say, 'Oh, alright then. Fair enough. I'll stop trying to destroy you all now. Toodles.' I'm paraphrasing but read it, please. See if you agree.

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