Thursday, 6 January 2011

Facepalm Thursday

After reading "Pearl, Why You Little..."'s latest post about her time as an executive assistant, I was reminded of this:

Some years ago I was Chief Exec of a fairly well known (in the UK anyway) company - my recently hired 'executive assistant' came into our monthly board meeting, pulled up a chair, opened her plastic tub and started eating the contents. Responding to my raised eyebrow she explained, "You said I should bring sandwiches in at one o'clock." That was the first, and last, time I've witnessed eleven simultaneous facepalms.


  1. Just wondering who hired that gem.

    Did you get your toilet fixed?

  2. The HR dept hired her - there are more of her bloopers (I could write a book)
    And as for the loo, all fixed thanksfrasking.
    uh oh, it's snowing again ...

  3. Did you keep her on?

    This is so funny that I laughed out loud, a stupid thing to do when you are on your own, staring at a screen and reading other people's throwaway lines.

    I should get a life. But then I couldn't find gems like this.

  4. I've decided to follow you, in spite of the fact that you do not grow turnips on your allotment.
    Do follow me if you can bear the thought.

  5. Haha! And there are more stories of her bloopers? I assume this means she didn't get fired.