Monday, 21 February 2011

Time to fess up about the Crusader Challenge

I've never had erinaceous (like, as or pertaining to a hedgehog) hair. It has never spiked. I had waving hair.

Now it's waving goodbye.

Most commented on - sneezing when thoughts turn to matters libidinous - is true. That's not to say I'm prone to debilitating bouts of sternutation at the sight of every well-turned ankle. Crikey, I'd never get the shopping done. No, it's pretty infrequent. Just often enough for me to notice a correlation. And make me do a little research, where I found we, us human male folk anyway, have erectile tissue in our noses. Makes you think about Pinocchio's psyche a little differently, huh?

There's the doorbell. I'd best go, it may be the Avon Lady.



  1. Hahaha very interesting.


  2. Ah! I promise I commented on your earlier post before I read this. Good luck with the erectile tissue in your nose. Surely that's not a photo of you?

  3. Brings a whole new meaning to 'nose job'

  4. I just KNEW it!!! :D

    Loved reading your Crusader Challenge and your lie reveal!

    Here's an award for you!