Friday, 4 February 2011


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While Malawi trends on Twitter because of this - the wind's really blowing here in North Yorkshire.

It's from the East, which means my gargantuan, untamed, laurel hedge is protecting the conservatory, but the roof is making noises like it wants to escape.

None of this is helping as I'm stuck on a very important scene where two politicians are at odds. It wont be funny, gall-dern-it!

Strolling around Richmond yesterday I was pounced on by a 'fan' - so called because they blow smoke up your ar$e, I suspect.

"Hey Mr Green, sir. How's the next book coming. Me an' the boys can 'ardly wait. Har, har. Geddit?"
"Yes. Really funny. Oh, is that the time ..." I zoomed off as fast as my slightly gouty left foot would allow. I say gout because rich blokes get gout through drinking too much expensive port. I suspect my gout's more to do with kicking the ground instead of the football last Tuesday.

Anyway, don't be too impressed by my 'fan'. He's the only person in the entire county to have actually read The Ardly Effect, enjoyed it, and coincidentally, resides in the home for the psychologically challenged I volunteered in once last summer.

Anyway, I can't concentrate while this gale threatens to take me to Kansas.

I think I'll walk the dog into the fields. There's a spot far from any obstructions where you can open your arms and see how far you can lean into the wind.

In the meantime, listen to Muddy Waters, Blow wind blow, because that's what I'll have plugged into my ears as I face-plant the mud.

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  1. Is the wind cold? I could use some cold wind at the moment. I'm melting here in Sydney, Australia.