Friday, 1 April 2011

Everything explained

Stolen From
In a deterministic universe we’re not even afforded the position of passengers. We’re made to do and feel, observe and think, only what laws of causality allow. I must write, or stop writing. I have no choice. So I wont - didn’t, can’t - choose.

Our lives, in a completely deterministic universe, are pointless. We’re dominoes, falling one after another - our lives a cascade of reaction to what went before.

But then who says there has to be a point?

And who or what nudged the first domino?

Our concept of first is, of course, wrapped up in the concept of time.

And time is … well, firstly, let the universe and all its particles exist in every state in which it can possibly exist. All at once.

In one or more of these states your brain would be there complete with memories, itches, thoughts, feelings and so on. Reading this.

That is all. No time required.

Just one mystery remains: where did the universe and all its particles come from?

The answer is simple .. wait, telephone, brb ...

THE ARDLY EFFECT - humorous scfi

WHIMSY 6 - six flash fiction (very short) scifi stories

NURSE BECKY GETS SHOT - thriller / crime caper


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    btw, in one of these states of existence, this has already been explained to me and I still don't understand it... :-)

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