Monday, 25 April 2011

Flap soar grrr

The crows play when there’s a strong breeze from the West.

A few dozen stand in the field sheltered from the wind by a four foot high hedge.

One crow jumps straight up aided by a quick flap, fully opens its wings and is caught by the Westerly and sent soaring in a great loop up and backwards and down again. As it approaches the ground it glides forwards, protected once more by the hawthorn barrier, and lands close to where it initially jumped, completing a great circle.

Another crow does the same.Then another. Sometimes one at a time, sometimes in pairs, the crows play with the wind.

Why? They make no attempt to get over the hedge - they’re simply having fun.

Makes a pleasant change from pecking at road-kill or teasing my dog, I suppose.

And this made me wonder: what did dinosaurs do for fun?

Which in turn made me think: I really need more sleep. The petty-death has eluded me for several nights. I’ve tried warm milk, vigorous exercise, counting sheep, moderate amounts of alcohol, reading, writing (mostly drivel) and hot baths. Any suggestions?


  1. Melatonin. Perhaps they have some at a health food store or something of that nature. In the U.S. it's available on the shelf with the dietary supplements.

    Not a sleeper myself and tried lots of things before the melatonin. Saint John's Wort worked only for a week or two, not to mention that it stinks.

    Let me know if the melatonin helps. Not sleeping sucks.

    Yours in sleeplessness,


  2. The only way I have ever found to fight off insomnia is to go with it. Just stay up. Find something to do all night long. By the end of the next day you'll sleep.

    Your biological clock is off for some reason. You have to reset it manually. Babies do this all the time. They're awake at night when they should be sleeping, and sleep all day when they should be awake.