Saturday, 9 April 2011

Reviewlette: Tom Holt's Blonde Bombshell

I’ve been away from home that past couple of weeks or so.

Working twenty-hour days.

Submerged in technology.

Rare Internet visits via the library during rarer lunch breaks.

I’ve had one book with me: Tom Holt’s Blonde Bombshell, which I read in my hotel room as often as I could.

This is what the book is about:
The Ostar, bright, doggy aliens are being driven mad by noise pollution from Earth. They decide, quite reasonably, to blow the Earth to bits. To this end they build an advanced bomb then launch it towards Earth. It fails. So, they build a better bomb. What follows is a comedy of errors involving an alcoholic human, a couple of misplaced Ostar, several dead octopi, entities of pure electronic text, AI love and, of course, a unicorn.

It’s funny. LOL in places. (Now LOL is in the O.E.D. why not?)

A very entertaining read with messages about the absurdity of war and the nature of consciousness without taking itself too seriously.

I found it an ideal companion and de-stressing tool.

Please read it. Let me know what you think.

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