Monday, 14 November 2011

Wrong room

I knew instantly I was in the wrong room.

My room shouldn’t have contained a perspiring middle-aged woman pointing at a flip chart in front of six assorted adults who stared blankly at .. well, me.

“Take a seat,” she said. “I’m Anita.”

Guess what I did. I sat down.

Clearly my appointment was left at the top of the stairs, not right. And I was fifteen minutes early. And Anita’s damp finger was pointing at an email address written on the flip chart which started PsychoBitch69@ … Shoot me, but I had time and I was intrigued.

“I’ve just been explaining,” said Anita for my benefit, “that your name and address should appear centered at the top of your CV.”

I nodded appreciatively. Anita looked like she needed all the encouragement she could get.

She continued, “Remember to use a normal email address. Employers aren’t going to employ someone with this kind of email address are they. And this is a genuine one I came across just the other day.”

“That was me,” said a burly woman at the other end of the little group of desks.

Anita’s mouth moved but nothing emerged.

“What’s wrong with it?” Burly woman demanded.

“Well,” Anita cleared a throat that didn’t need clearing, “imagine if you were the employer. What would you think of a person with that email address?”

“I’ve been diagnosed as psychotic,” Ms Burly explained. “I have a psychotic personality disorder. The doctor said.” Ms Burly sat back and placed a green Wellington boot on her desk. Her foot was still in it. “Shouldn’t I put that on my CV, like?”

Anita looked at each person in turn, finally stopping at me.

“I think I’m in the wrong room,” I said, and stood to leave.

The desperate look on Anita’s face will haunt me forever. Don’t leave me... it seemed to plead.

I left.


  1. Maybe, in an infinitely mysterious and complex cosmos, you actually were where you were meant to be?

    Did you need a welly?

  2. This would make a great scene in a story. :) I was intrigued to learn what happens. I could so empathize with Anita.

  3. :-)

    I have to admit that I would be wary of hiring PsychoBitch69 myself...


  4. This made me really laugh. Great post.