Monday, 23 September 2013

Proof of a finite universe (ish)

I've been down this road a few years ago but a conversation with a graphic designer displaying work for his Masters made me think, rinse and repeat:

  • My computer screen has 1366 x 768 pixel.
    • That's 1,049,088 pixels
  • Each pixel can display 32,000 colours.
  • So, the number of unique pictures my computer screen is capable of displaying is 32,0001,049,088
    • That's 32,000 to the power 1,049,088 - which is a HUGE number of images.

That huge number of images would include all text already written and to be written, all galaxies, all people's faces past, present and future. Any image of any action, every molecule or animal .. anything.

But however huge that number is, it's finite.

The number of possible images in our universe would appear to be finite.

Unless you increase the resolution of your computer that is ...

Just a thought.

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