Friday, 12 September 2014

skignz Augmented Reality Update

For those of you interested in Augmented Reality:

The skignz KickStarter campaign started about 6 days ago and lots of questions where raised: what are skignz?, what is KickStarter? etc..

Si, in charge of marketing at skignz, has done a blog post here: skignz blog post to update folk.

A new video has been posted here: skignz KickStarter

KickStarter is an example of a Crowd-funding site where you pledge a small amount of money towards what you consider to be worthy projects. Your money is not taken until the full, target amount is reached. So if the target's not reached you pay nothing. But it is important to pledge quickly to help gain impetus and hopefully attract more funders,

We hope to make skignz a free Augmented Reality platform that can be used all over the world.

The big dream is that people will start putting up skignz around their towns which visitors can then look at to interact with and find out more about the area, places of interest, businesses and so on.

The money will fund the further development of skignz to include social networking - twitter and facebook - feeds into skignz placed above people's heads.

We'd also like to start a team of people 'skignzing' up places like London, The Great Wall of China, The Pyramids and so on.

It's a fascinating and worthy project that could add a new dimension to all our lives with zero environmental impact and no charge.

Thanks for reading this far.
The skignz web site is here: skignz web site
Links to the app downloads are here: app download links

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