Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Android Studio Deprecated API's

For Android App Developers

Like many, I've had to migrate from Eclipse to Android studio.

I had a problem using Android Studio: I was being told I was using deprecated API calls, but it didn't tell me how or where.

I had no joy searching t'internet and questions I posted were either being ignored - showing no one knew the answer - or edited to pose the same question in a different way but still with no answer - also showing no one knew the answer.

Eventually I found the solution and have been moved to post it here due to my frustration with the so-called developer sites.

I'm using Android Studio on the Mac which I believe is almost Identical to the Windows version.

Under menu:
    Analyze->Inspect code ...

A dialog box pops up.
    Select Whole project and Ok

You'll see an Inspection Window populated with, in may case anyway, lots of 'issues'. Under the General heading, you'll find Deprecated API usage. Open those up, click on them then click on the 'is deprecated (at line ??)' to go directly to the deprecated usage.

Here's a screen shot:

Android studio deprecated API usage screen shot
Android studio deprecated API usage screen shot

I hope this is useful.