Monday, 31 August 2015

Asset and People tracking using BLE Mesh

Suggestion I sent to Ubudu .. hope they are some other Mesh Beacon provider takes notice

A suggestion for asset / people tracking:
1) Each mesh beacon can be given 1 or more UUIDs to look out for.
2) When an iBeacon with matching UUI is 'seen' your mesh beacon calls a URI via your USB gateway with parameters: Mesh Beacon's ID/major/minor, detected beaccon UUID/major/minor, time and  any txPower values.
3) The receiving server of the URI (like: could log these values then be interrogate any time.
Any programmer could interrogate logs like these for asset/people tracking.

If this was available right now we have an airport and large hospital who'd be interested in a POC set up, with more enquiries coming in all the time.

Hope this all makes sense.